Lightning Gem LND Node Info

Use this page to see information on the Lightning Gem LND Node as well as the known lightning network. The Lightning Gem is running version 0.4.1 of lnd.

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GetInfo returns general information concerning the lightning node including its identity pubkey, alias, the chains it is connected to, and information concerning the number of open+pending channels.

Pending Channels

PendingChannels returns a list of all the channels that are currently considered “pending”. A channel is pending if it has finished the funding workflow and is waiting for confirmations for the funding txn, or is in the process of closure, either initiated cooperatively or non-cooperatively.

List Channels

ListChannels returns a description of all the open channels that this node is a participant in.

Decode Pay Req

DecodePayReq takes an encoded payment request string and attempts to decode it, returning a full description of the conditions encoded within the payment request.

Get Node Info

GetNodeInfo returns the latest advertised, aggregated, and authenticated channel information for the specified node identified by its public key.

Get Network Info

GetNetworkInfo returns some basic stats about the known channel graph from the point of view of the node.